Contra Costa Men’s Center



Comments from parents attending annual "Living With Your Teenager" Conference in Contra Costa County

"Fabulous presenter with practical, clear ideas for parents"

"Excellent presentation. Clear and concise. Addressed both problems and solutions."

"Great understanding of boys and men."

Comments from licensed psychotherapists and psychology graduate students who have attended Steven's classes at John F. Kennedy University 2000 - 2013:

"Unbelievably helpful"

"This instructor models the best of warmth, connection and caring with organization and clarity of content. Excellent presentation! I appreciated his honesty and 'realness.'"

"It was really refreshing to have a course dedicated to men. There was so much presented that will help me with clients and with my own relationships with men. My world view has been expanded."

"Steven brings such sensitivity and wisdom to this subject matter. His openness and thoughtful responses to student questions made this a safe and energized learning environment. I so appreciate his organization and skill as an instructor."

"Excellent course - Steven is the most accessible and ego-less instructor I've had at this school. Thank you!!"

"This class is rich in information and the depth of knowledge of the professor is outstanding."

"Steven is an excellent teacher. Best instructor I've had at JFK. He is well prepared, organized, interesting and very informative. I learned a lot in this class."